Welcome to the CCC Events Chat

How to use the eventchat

If you already know about matrix and have an account, you can find the 37c3 space containing all congress related channels here: #37c3:events.ccc.de.

If you have never heared of Matrix before, it might be wise to read an introduction first. To join the chat, you need an account on a so called "homeserver". We do not offer to host your account, but you can pick any homeserver you want to join. All event related channels and this server will be deleted a few days after the event. You can write direct messages to users or switch over to rooms hosted on other servers if you wish to continue a conversation after the event has ended. We link to some publicly available lists of homeservers to create accounts on, not as an endorsment or recommendation, but to easily get you started. Please be aware that we do not test, verify, guarantee, help or offer support with anything related to them or Matrix in general. We are in no way related or have any sort of control over them. If you do not have an account, you can take a look at https://joinmatrix.org/ to help you find a homeserver.